Beverage Mix Products

We have various ingredients for your dry powder beverage mix products to add to your brand for optimal health and wellness options for your consumers. Beverage mixes, nutrition drinks  or smoothies  can be developed for a variety of health functions including greens, multivitamins, mushrooms for immune health, antioxidants, and effervescent herbal and vitamin powders. The options are endless.

Optimum Pharma specializes in Vegan protein powders and organic drink mixes.  We have an extensive list of ingredients for most types of beverage products, including ingredients for protein shakes, smoothies, vitamin and electrolyte mixes, nutrition drinks, green juices and smoothies.  We are constantly reviewing trends for the newest and hottest ingredients to add to our portfolio.  Functional beverages are a consistently growing category and we’d love to help you develop a game changing formula for your brand!