– In the year 2003 Optimum Pharma was created. By that time it was a simple new Underground lab.

– 2 years later Optimum Pharma started to have mass production and improved manufacuring facility

– Year 2006 was important year for Optimum Pharma , all product look was improved, tablet manufacturing facility build up started with big investment.

– In 2008, Optimum Pharma was fully functional about manufacturing and started to take the business to next level.

Optimum Pharma is the FIRST company who invented , created and manufactured Hybrid Steroids with 12 different of premixed products names as Ultrabol and Megabol series.

– In 2010, Optimum Pharma started to import GMP standart manufacturing machines. The latest look of products have been created. For more info , please check ‘ Authenticity of Products

– In 2011 , the raw material quality in the market started to be quesitonable , so Optimum Pharma started to send all raw material to private Research University Laboratory for testing .