First we are grateful that you visit our website and want to learn about us before. Below you will see the answers of the most asked questions to us. If you will not see and answer in here you can always contact us and ask anything you want. We always appreciate and answer.
1- I have never heard of Optimum Pharma, Why is that?

We would like not to be under spot light too much. The reason is customer safety.
The brands who sell to everybody and accept any type of business generally prepare their own doom. They take attention of law reinforcement and end up getting busted.
On the other side, Optimum Pharma is always on safe side, because in our home country steroids are legal to use or sell. Manufacturing steroids without license can only be punished by Money penalty. We would like to have a smaller but totally trustable business environment.

2- I heard Optimum Pharma is based in Turkey, I am very worried about ordering international, i heard going domestic is a much better idea.What if i will put myself in trouble?

First people who say ordering domestic is safe especially in Europe and USA want to promote their own business.
That is totally nonsense because when buyer and seller are in the same country , it is much more easily caught.
It is accepted as an domestic crime and both parties are responsible to the same law. So what police need to do is catch them and send them to court.
Police also can use all law power because all authority they need is easy to obtain. Like search warrants , phone listening and checking your e mail.
As soon as they will want to get you, there is no where to run. When they will find your dealer they will automatically find you also .
There is no room for you to deny or defend since all evidence is out there for them to collect. But when its international that is a total different story.
Yes there is a small chance that custom officers will see your small order(Optimum Pharma never ships big amounts, big orders are always divided to multiple orders and shipped separately from different names)
and seize your order. Maximum thing will happen is, they will flag your address ( that address will not be used again for your order) and will send you a seize notice.
This happens to a lot of people but they never get unnecessary problems. The reason is Custom Office see that package comes from Turkey, a country which is not inside European Union
and do not have laws against steroid use or business. It is thousands of miles away , almost nobody in government speaks English and nobody in Police even knows what are steroids.
In Turkey DEA is ONLY responsible for narcotics not steroids. So there is not a specific police force who are interested in this type of products.
Even tough your Police will try to contact Turkey police, the maximum thing they will do is going and checking the shipping address. When they will see that address and shipping person is fake they will just let it go.
I hope you all see the point of view in here, trying to buy steroids in countries who classify steroids as narcotics is totally looking for trouble and you will find it eventually. From your side or from dealer side.
Please do not forget , when dealers get caught they always give customer database to reduce their punishment by cooperating.
Remember Axio Labs incident, after the bust numerous people got arrested all over the world.

3- I have never heard of Optimum Pharma, how I will know you will not steal my money ?

First you should know OP is an honest company who wants to do clean and good business. We don’t wish to steal your money, we wish to earn it. Second, scammers generally don’t create brands like Optimum Pharma. They create fake e mails and cheap self made websites which can be used for some time to collect Money from people and run away. They generally sell products like Greek Deca, Desma Winstrol, Organon Sustanon. These type of products are also the most faked products in the world. That’s why buying human grade products from internet is a very bad idea unless you don’t know your dealer for long years. When scammers create brands these brands generally look very amateur and cheap looking because these people don’t want to invest in products, they aim maximum profit. This is a plan for maximum scam amount with minimum expense. There had been hundreds of Under Ground Labs created in the last 10 years, how many of them survived or how many of them you remember?. All these labs which come and go are created from the same group of people who wish to scam same customers over and over again. So if you will check Optimum Pharma, you will see that our websites and products are very professionally designed. Please visit the page in our website with Authenticity of our Products. You will see how much we invested in our products. Please don’t forget Optimum Pharma is active in the market for 10 years. If we would scam customers, how we can survive this long? In the world of internet scammers are identified and marked in very short time. After the bad word will spread about us , all our investment for our brand will turn in to garbage. As you can imagine we cannot accept a risk like that. That’s why you can be sure about we will do our best to give you the best service we can provide.

4- What is 1 of your dealers will steal my Money? How I can trust them?

In fact the question of this answer is very simple, when Optimum Pharma makes a deal with a re seller ,- online or local it doesn’t matter- one of the conditions is, they can never , ever harm customers. If they do their dealership will be terminated immediately. If they create a loss or damage this will be compensated by Optimum Pharma. This happened one time 3 years ago in fact. The local dealer of Hungary, a guy named Janos Tanyeros didn’t ship 4 customers’ orders and disappeared. Customers immediately contacted us we have talked with dealer and we understood that he is not willing to solve the problem. He was planning to create a brand for himself and steal our customers. The brand he created was Andro Pharma and he got busted in short time and end up in prison by the way. We contacted customers again and asked their payment papers with their orders. After that we ship their orders and covered for our dealer’s damage. Customers were happy and they had been redirected to another dealer for further business relation. Right now 1 of those customers is a local Body Building champion and a dealer of Optimum Pharma himself. So you can be sure about this, if there is problem and if there is something we can do, we will do it. Your orders and payments are under guarantee of Optimum Pharma.

5- How about the products? How i can know they are high quality?

As we said we are trustable company, our main goal is to manufacture products which customers will be satisfied. We always use the highest quality raw materials which Money can buy and always manufacture 5% overdose. We manufacture our own products injectable and tablets that why we are sure that dosages are accurate. On the other hand, the best way of understanding our product quality is to try them. That’s why all our dealers must offer ‘No Minimum Order’. This means you can simply order 1 product for trying.
You can also check lab reports in our homepage, they prove a product contains true dosage.
We sell real steroids not fake stuff or products look like steroids but they are just some supplements like Deca Capsules

6- How about ordering from you? What happens if my order will be seized?

All our dealers must offer 100% custom size guarantee. That is why your money is always safe. We will resend your order again without any extra charge.

7- I am thinking of having a cycle but I do not know how I should plan it. I have so many questions in my mind; can you clarify some issues for me?

Yes Sure, Optimum Pharma has many experienced users in the team. We will try our best to offer you good advice. Please feel free to ask.

8- I am interested in becoming a reseller, but I don’t know how the process goes, How can i get some information?

Please check, Becoming a Reseller in the website. Read all and if you are still interested please e mail us. We will happily contact you.