Injection Protocol should be like :

For example if you inject to your front part of the leg , then it should at least 20-25 cm upper then your knee cap. Or Triceps ; it should at least 15 cm up and away from elbow to the area where muscle have big mass . Stay way from visible blood vessels.

For Gluteus ( butt ) injection area must be upper part . Imagine like your butt length from down to up is 20 cm or 100%, then you should never inject down 10 cm ( lower 50% ) because thats syatic nerves. Instead of that inject some where between 14-18 cm . Dont go too close to belly also. You can rotate your injections between in that 70-90% from right to left. After you inject you can feel some pain and some swelling thats pretty normal. It can also get a little pink and warm if product is powerful. After that symptoms are gone, touch and feel injection area before you inject again. If its hard inside then normal muscle then dont inject there again until it recovers because if you will inject to an area which didnt recover yet you will have bigger pain and swelling then first injection. It will go like that until that area will get really hard and you will have really hard times when you try to push the liquid inside. That means you should leave that area alone. For example you can rotate in same small muscles. If you have done 1 injection from side of shoulder then for second injection try 3-4 cm back side of shoulder which is also a massive part of the muscle. We advise to waite at least 1 week for injeciton site to recover to inject again.

Like Triceps , Shoulders, Biceps ect. 1 ml maximum can be advised. For Legs maximum 1,5 ml and for Gluteus maximum 3 ml can be done. But of course that will change according to the product you will use . Lets say from Ultrabol 225 or Testabolon 400, you cannot inject 3 ml to Gluteus because of the Formula of product. Steroid Kingdom will advise you in this subject if you will ask for help.